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Parent and 1 Child: $350

Additional Child or Test: $100 each

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Paternity DNA Testing

USA Health & Safety offers reliable, accurate results for DNA tests.

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Dr. Woods is a Board-Certified Doctor, OSHA Certified Physician and Licensed Medical Examiner with the FMCSA/DOT.

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Best Place In Memphis, TN Area For DNA Testing

There are many reasons why someone should consider using our clinic for DNA testing over an at-home kit. While at-home DNA testing kits can be convenient and relatively inexpensive, they also come with a number of limitations that may make them less reliable than testing conducted at a professional clinic, like here at USA Health & Safety.

One of the biggest advantages of using USA Health & Safety for your DNA testing is that you can be sure that your samples are being handled by trained professionals who are following strict protocols and quality control measures. This means that you can have greater confidence in the accuracy of your results, which can be important if you are making important decisions based on your DNA information.

Overall, while at-home DNA testing kits can be a convenient and affordable option for some people, there are many advantages to using USA Health & Safety for your DNA testing near Memphis, TN. By choosing a clinic, you can have greater confidence in the accuracy and reliability of your results, as well as access to a wider range of testing services and more personalized support throughout the process.